COVID-19 - coming out of lockdown

The clinic is open for emergency and essential appointments only.


We have undertaken a rigorous infection control risk assessment and are implementing changes to our Standards of Practice and clinical environment to reflect this, as we wish to ensure patient and practitioner safety.


These changes include pre-booking screening to make sure that your appointment is essential and to prevent you from attending unnecessarily. There is a further pre-attendance screening, when you will be told how to proceed when you arrive at the clinic.

You will be required to disinfect your hands and will have your temperature taken on arrival. The waiting room has been closed and you will be asked to wait for your practitioner in the allocated treatment room. There is a declaration for you to sign, each time you have treatment, confirming that you have been made aware of the risks you are taking by attending and you may be required to wear a fluid resistant surgical mask, which the clinic will provide.


Many of you will not be given a follow-up appointment but will, instead, be offered a telephone consultation, when your progress will be assessed and further treatment can be considered, if appropriate.


To maintain a safe clinic environment we are working with the windows open, to decrease any viral loading and cleaning all hard surfaces with Chlorate wipes, including the treatment couch, between patients. The clinic is completely disinfected daily and deep cleaned each week.


Finally, we are doing everything we can to keep you and ourselves safe, but the risk of infection can not be eliminated entirely. In the event of one of the practitioners or patients contracting Covid-19 you will be notified immediately if you have attended the clinic in the previous 14 days. The clinic will be closed and will only re-open after a deep clean. Be aware that you may have to self-isolate for 14 days if you are contacted. Therefore, during this time of social distancing and as lock down restrictions are eased, we would ask you to reflect on the potential risk to yourselves and others by coming to the clinic.