Our Covid-19 biosecurity programme has been developed and implemented for your safety.


Our Covid-19 biosecurity programme has been developed and implemented for your safety in line with the guidance issued by our professional bodies.

We have undertaken a rigorous infection control risk assessment and have made changes to our practice standards and clinical environment to reflect this. It is our intention to ensure both patient and practitioner safety at all times.


Whilst we understand that a large percentage of the local adult population has received both covid vaccinations there are some who have not. We treat babies, children and young adults, clinically extremely vulnerable patients and others who have conditions affecting their immune systems. These patients may not be protected by vaccination.

Therefore, as of 19th July 2021, with guidance from our professional bodies (issued on 14.07.21)  our Covid-19 policy is as follows:



Will be cleaned daily with a chlorate based disinfectant.
The treatment rooms will be cleaned between patients, constantly aerated and left empty for a minimum of 15 minutes between patients.
We will continue to use single use linen.
The waiting room will remain closed and appointments will be staggered, to avoid contact with others.
The clinic is registered as part of the NHS track & Trace programme and our QR code is available for you to scan on arrival.



Will be constantly monitoring their own health.
Will take a lateral flow test at least twice weekly.
Will wear appropriate PPE, including face masks.



Will be screened regarding their health and covid status within 24hrs prior to treatment.
Will be required to take a lateral flow test within 24hrs of attending. These are available, at no cost, from GP surgeries, pharmacies and on line at 
Will be required to clean their hands with 70% alcohol gel, which will be provided.
Will be required to wear a Type IIR surgical face mask during treatment, which will be provided.
Have their temperature taken on arrival and sign a covid declaration.
All patients may bring a chaperone if they wish to do so. The chaperone will be required to fulfil the above, as if they were a patient.


If one of the patients or practitioners tests positive for Covid-19 and you have attended for treatment in the 14 days prior you will be contacted immediately. The clinic will be closed and only re-opened following a deep clean. Please be aware that if you are contacted you may be required to self- isolate for up to 14 days.


We are doing everything we can to keep you and ourselves safe, but the risk of infection can not be eliminated entirely. Therefore we would ask you to reflect on the potential risk to yourselves and others by attending for treatment.